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 Decades promoting a culture of high quality espresso and gourmet coffee

A Story of 70 Years
The Mazzucco Family
Giuseppe Mazzucco migrated to America and dedicated his whole life to his company Cafe San Antonio, he helped to spread the Espresso culture and make it the market standard, got and has hold leadership of Venezuela’s food service market, with the help of his wife Rosa and sons Benedetto, Luca and daughter Rosalba. A coffee legacy that migrated again when in 2007 Benedetto started AllCoffee in the USA, now with the help of grandchildren Gianluca, Giuseppe, Fabiana and Stefania. Three generations dedicated to promote the espresso and premium coffee culture.

Milan 1946
In 1946, when 13-year-old World War II refugee Giuseppe Mazzucco started learning to prepare and serve espresso coffee in a cafeteria in Milan, he could not have imagined that he would become a leader in the establishment of the Italian espresso and high quality coffee culture in South America, nor that his family would continue his mission in North America 60 years later.

When the Italian expresso experts as Giuseppe Mazzucco emigrated to Venezuela in the 1950’s, they found no espresso machines and best in class Arabica coffee beans at the Highland plantations (Los Andes), so they created 100% Arabica premium blends for the introduction of the espresso machines to restaurants, bars and bakeries (Panaderías). No one did this better than Café San Antonio, that became and still the absolute foodservice leader in Venezuela with the San Antonio Espresso Beans, serving more than 6000 customers. As Espresso machines became so popular around the country, people wanted to enjoy that same high quality at home, so Café San Antonio grew also in the Supermarkets, as the one brand that offers to retail consumers the same high-quality coffee sold to the Panaderías.


In 2007 Giuseppe’s son Benedetto Mazzucco founded All Coffee in Miami applying the family know how and getting surrounded by the best experts in Cuban coffee to complete the company portfolio developing the blend and creating our brand Café Real Espresso. We have grown consistently over the years directly serving now more than 400 foodservice clients, and many more trough the best foodservice distributors. We proudly serve the most iconic Cuban restaurants in Florida including La Carreta, Café Versailles and produce for them La Carreta Coffee and Café Sedanos. We are starting a gradual expansion outside Florida and to the retail channel with Café San Antonio and Café Real.
Giuseppe Mazzucco:

At the end of the Second World War, bombing obliterated the Italian town of Minturno.

Thirteen-year-old Giuseppe Mazzucco was taken to Milan and sheltered in a cafeteria. The cafeteria became his home. There he prepared and served espresso coffee during four years. In 1949 at almost 18 years of age, he boarded a ship to Venezuela, where he started delivering groceries with a scooter bike he had brought with him. Soon he decided to open a restaurant at Guayana City. His restaurant had something different: an Italian espresso machine. He had to bring the coffee beans from Caracas, where two other Italians, Ottorino and Olivo Goppion had started a small roaster called Café San Antonio – Goppion Brothers. Since he was bringing the Italian espresso coffee blend to the south of the country for his restaurant, Giuseppe found an opportunity to start his own coffee distribution business. His relationship with the Goppion brothers started in 1951 and after a few years Mazzucco became partner at “Café San Antonio – Hermanos Goppion”. They grew their distribution business to most of the country.

Venezuela was an excellent source of arabica coffee beans, people liked the Italian espresso drinks and the Goppion brothers were excellent coffee teachers for Mazzucco, so before long Mazzucco became a master blender himself. After 10 years, the Goppion brothers decided to sell their part of the business and go back to Italy. That’s when Mazzuco joined forces with two other Italian coffee roasters, Aldo Tavoni and Francisco ¨Chicho¨ Zaccaro and moved to a bigger production plant with the name Café San Antonio.

San Antonio Coffee Group has focused on promoting the Italian culture of premium quality espresso coffee for restaurants and bakeries. We have also succeeding at supermarkets. We have built a solid family business to keep the Italian coffee legacy for further generations. The same espresso coffee that Giuseppe Mazzucco learned to prepare at the old cafeteria in Milan…
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