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For almost 70 Years
We have developed long standing relationships with coffee bean producers in the south America highlands “Los Andes” and with coffee traders. We are large-scale buyers and exporters of green coffee. Thanks to this coffee market know how, we make sure every year we select the best beans to prepare our premium family formulas. We choose the best for our Italian, Cuban espresso and premium drip blends.
Our coffee blending experience
The Blending know how is based on understanding the different kinds of coffee beans (Arabica and Robusta), the quality of their flavor, body, aroma, color and “crema.” We have decades of experience trying combinations and developing formulas because we know that “The sum is much better than the parts”.
The precise flavor
Every coffee consumption style demands a unique combination of flavor, body, aroma, color and "crema", for Italian Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, Cuban Coladas, Cortados, Cafecito and drip coffees. The hallmark of every blend is obtained by mixing a wide array of Arabica and Robusta beans from many countries.
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