70 years promoting the culture

of high quality espresso and gourmet coffee.

A Story of 70 Years

      Giuseppe Mazzucco:


                                       At the end of the Second World War, bombing

                                       obliterated the Italian town of Minturno.

                                       Thirteen-year-old Giuseppe Mazzucco went to

                                       Milan, where he took shelter in a cafeteria. The

                                       cafeteria became his home. There he prepared and

                                       served espresso coffee during four years. In 1949,

                                       at almost 18 years of age, he boarded a ship to

                                       Venezuela, where he started delivering groceries

                                       with a scooter he had brought with him. Soon he

                                       decided to open a restaurant at Guayana City. His restaurant was different:  it had an Italian espresso machine. He had to bring coffee in from Caracas. There, two other Italians, Ottorino and Olivo Goppion, had started a small roaster business called Café San Antonio – Goppion Brothers. Since he was bringing the Italian espresso coffee blend to the south of the country for his restaurant, Giuseppe found an opportunity to start his own distribution business. His relationship with the Goppion brothers started in 1951. After a few years, the Goppionbrothers and Mazzucco

became partners atCafé San Antonio. They

spread their distribution business to most

of the country.


Venezuela and Colombia were an excellent

source of coffee beans. People liked Italian

espresso coffee, and the Goppion brothers

were excellent coffee teachers for Mazzucco.

Before long, Mazzucco became a master

blender himself. After 10 years, the Goppion

brothers decided to sell their part of the business and go back to Italy. That’s when Mazzuco joined forces with two other Italian coffee roasters, Aldo Tavoni and Francisco ¨Chicho¨ Zaccaro, and moved to a bigger production plant with the name Café San Antonio.


San Antonio Coffee Group has focused on promoting the Italian culture of premium quality espresso coffee for restaurants and bakeries. We have also succeeding at supermarkets. We have built a solid family business to keep the Italian coffee legacy for further generations. The same espresso coffee that Giuseppe Mazzucco learned to prepare at the old cafeteria in Milan…

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